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Beginner's Kung Fu and MMA Class - Omaha, NEKung Fu is one the oldest martial arts practices that focuses on self-defense, exercise, and spiritual growth. Today we have advanced technology and many things to make life easier but with all these advancements humans still suffer from stress, weight gain, lack of confidence, and fierce competition to be successful. Believe it or not, ancient Chinese people had the same problems minus the technology. After much research to find a solution the result was Classical Chinese Martial Arts (CCMA).

The terms use for CCMA in China was WU SHU KUNG FU. The literal translation of WU SHU KUNG FU is; the skill of stopping violence or harm. This creation allowed people to gain control over their lives whether it was eliminating stress, the need to lose weight, increasing mental focus, becoming stronger, building confidence, or plain old self-protection. This Kung Fu became the way to rise above undesirable circumstances when failure was not an option.

Many people have tried Kung Fu and had incredible benefits. At least 75% of the benefits are a total surprise to the new student. Some of these surprise successes are:

• Quitting smoking
• Better work performance
• Faster healing from injuries
• Better Attitude
• Quitting excessive drinking of alcohol
• Reducing the strain
• Major weight loss
• More Energy


Here at Dragon Arts Kung Fu and MMA in Omaha, NE we teach you these values all the way down to the basics, whether you’re an experienced structured Martial artist or a beginner looking to further your experience.

Please see our daily class schedule to see the full list of classes that we offer to our members.

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